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Mazzarin's Demise


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Mazzarin Theme Original composition for "Mazzarin's Demise" by Grasshopper, with inspiration from the Forest Heart theme.

March of the Black Thrall Original Grasshopper composition for "Mazzarin's Demise."

Music Copyright by N. Rowland 2003.


Far more than a mere port of the popular TFL co-op favorite, this version of Mazzarin's Demise is redone entirely from scratch, taking full advantage of Myth 1.4's new features. An epic co-op to say the least, it contains 32 different unit types, an army of over 2,200 enemies, heroes that continue vetting past 100 kills, incredible new spells, abilities, artifacts and special effects, a brand new, never-seen-before Watcher unit, 16 player support, nearly the maximum amount of scripting Myth 1.4 will allow, and even brand new original music.

Check out the blow by blow account of the first team to beat Mazzarin's Demise III on Legendary difficulty!

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