Download the film of the first team to win Mazzarin's Demise V version2 on Heroic difficulty!


This team of 14 includes myself (ChrisP) as captain and several main Mazz V beta-testers, including scrapnjack, woof, Gleep, Ara, and Giliath. Once initial distribution of units is completed, at no point did the main testers control more than 50% of the total unit percentage, making this a valid Heroic win. scrapnjack was the host.

The team starts with the following:

ChrisP: 4 Zerks, 1 Heron
scrapnjack: Pyro, 1 Heron, 1 Zerk
Golem0r!: 1 Strider, 1 Heron, 1 Zerk
Mr Tree: 2 Demos, 1 Heron, 1 Zerk
woof: Mazzarin, 1 Heron
Da Cid: Electro, 1 Zerk
Powrup: 6 Arcs, 1 Heron, 1 Zerk
Savanarola: 6 Arcs, 1 Heron, 1 Zerk
Gleep: 6 Arcs, 1 Heron, 1 Zerk
Ara: Paladin
Clank: Mort, 1 Heron
Tramist: FG, 1 Heron
Tarous Zars: 1 Strider, 1 Heron, 1 Zerk
Giliath: Pathfinder, 1 Heron


0:33 – The team suffers its first loss, a Zerk. At roughly the same time, Giliath goes OOS and leaves. ChrisP takes the Pathfinder but distributing some of his excess melee to other players.

1:00 - The team is down to 90% with loses of melee and an Archer.

1:17 – A major lag burst occurs. When it’s over, both the Mort and Pathfinder find they’ve been devetted by Wraiths.

1:24 – woof finds a Blade Torrent spell for Mazzarin. Unfamiliar with it, he tries to activate it using T. Instead he unleashes a Dispersal Dream too close to allied units. The team is now down to 80%.

1:37 – Things start to get hectic past the hour and a half mark. Clank loses the Mort to a Fetch and the team is now down to 70%.

1:43 – Black Thrall arrive and Mazzarin has only 4 Dispersal Dreams to use.

2:00 – Down to only 54%. Though the Watcher has been stoned and most major hero units are still alive, the team is struggling heavily, with players losing units at a steady rate.

2:02 – The Watcher crumbles and the team wins with 45% remaining. The 18 units left standing are: Mazzarin, Forest Giant, Pyromancer, Electromancer, Paladin, 1 Demo, 1 Strider, 8 Archers, 2 Heron and 1 Zerk.

Final Stats

Total Kills: 4287
Total Damage: 34792
35 Loses

ChrisP – 193 Kills – 1409 Damage – 1 Loss
scrapnjack – 550 Kills – 4614 Damage – 2 Losses
Gleep – 455 Kills – 5486 Damage – 8 Losses
Da Cid – 423 Kills – 3337 Damage – 1 Loss
Tramist – 390 Kills – 1787 Damage – 1 Loss
Powrup – 364 Kills – 3989 Damage – 3 Losses
woof – 361 Kills – 2382 Damage – 2 Losses
Clank – 357 Kills – 2624 Damage – 4 Losses
Mr Tree – 293 Kills – 1948 Damage – 4 Losses
Tarous Zars – 292 Kills – 2603 Damage – 4 Losses
Ara – 244 Kills – 1168 Damage – 0 Losses
Savanarola – 207 Kills – 2303 Damage – 3 Losses
Golem0r! – 106 Kills – 835 Damage – 2 Losses

Excellent teamwork made this win possible. Watching the film you can see that many of these players had a lot of experience together and even the ones that didn’t adapted to the style of the other players very quickly. Relatively little friendly fire occurred and most of the time players knew where to go to be the most effective and helpful.

Every player carried their own weight in this game, but many also played exceptionally well.

scrapnjack handled the Pyromancer flawlessly. You can tell he’s had a lot of practice with this unit as he consistently uses the right spell for the right circumstance throughout the entire game.

Without Ara’s superbly focused use of the Paladin to keep the players alive instead of just killing enemies, the team would never have lasted.

Gleep is probably the best Archer player I’ve played with and despite having the most loses, he proves his skill once again this game as his arrows always seem to be where they’re needed the most.

Tarous Zars’s Strider is the best handled Dwarf unit of the game.

Keeping the Forest Giant alive AND still managing to kill hundreds of units is harder than it looks, but Tramist makes it look easy.

Mazzarin is probably the most difficult and complicated unit to play and also has to shoulder more of the enemies’ brunt. woof is a player who can play any units on the map with equal skill, and though he rarely plays Mazzarin, he shows he can handle him just fine.

Da Cid kills hordes of enemies with the Electromancer, but finding a 19 charge Super Mana recharger early also helped a lot. Once Da Cid learns when to use each spell as well as scrapnjack does with the Pyro, he’ll be an excellent Electromancer player.

My own playing performance was perhaps the worst on the whole team (2nd lowest kills and with the Pathfinder no less) but if I do say so myself, I managed to be a decent captain, distributing quickly and redistributing when needed.

Overall it was a great game to play in, and I look forward to watching (or playing with) the team that can surpass this win on Legendary.