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Myth II 1.8.1 Public Beta 2

Project Magma is proud to announce that the second official public beta of Myth II version 1.8.1 is now available.

This update contains a number of fixes for issues in the original 1.8.1 beta and we hope it should be very close to what the final release of 1.8.1 will look like. The list of changes since public beta 1 is provided here: Changes_1.8.1_beta2.txt

Everyone is encouraged to install this second beta, and help test the next version of Myth II. We need your help to find any bugs, so that we can fix them before the final version.

Download it here:

Please post all bug reports regarding Myth II 1.8.1 Public Beta 2 in this thread.

19 Aug 2016 by Myrd

Myth II 1.8.1 Public Beta

Project Magma is proud to announce that the official public beta of Myth II version 1.8.1 is now available.

Myth II 1.8.1 is an incremental update over Myth II 1.8, providing improved support for modern operating systems (e.g. HiDPI/Retina display support) and various bug fixes and improvements.

Download it here:

To see the detailed list of changes, consult the ReadMe here: Readme_1.8.1_beta.pdf

Everyone is encouraged to install the beta, and help test the next version of Myth II. We need your help to find any bugs, so that we can fix them before the final version.

Please post all bug reports regarding Myth II 1.8.1 in this thread.

09 Jun 2016 by Myrd

Metaserver and Other News

It has been a little over seven months since MariusNet went down, again. No word if it will ever come back this time, but don't fret Gate of Storms isn't going anywhere. Go to the GoS FAQ page if you have server related questions or just to see what is different from previous servers. If that isn't enough help, make a thread on our forums for tech support. We'll sort you out.

In other news, some people are making a Myth-like game called Deadhold. You can see what others are saying about it in this thread and over at GoS.

22 Dec 2014 by Pyro

Myth II Metaserver News

MariusNet has been experiencing technical issues since it went down a few months ago. It went down again a few days ago. If you wish to play Myth 2 online, you can find most players at the new metaserver called Gate of Storms (GoS). Registration at the new server is optional.

Check out the GoS FAQ for more information:

Note: If you see players with "b424" next to their names, that just means they are on an older build of Myth II v1.8.0. Build 427 is the latest at the moment, but is an optional update as it has minor fixes over build 424. Use ".version" to know what build you are on.

13 Sep 2013 by Pyro

1.8 Hotfix build 424 released

Build 424 is a hotfix for two multiplayer related bugs that slipped through the testing phase. Specifically, a bug that caused myrkridia to attack slower than usual, and a bug which occasionally caused the randomness of multiplayer start locations to be, well... less than random. To avoid the need for future hotfixes, we will be reviewing and revising our testing procedures during the next development cycle.

Grab the hotfix build here:

13 Jun 2013 by Melekor

Myth II 1.8.0 and Dtex Megapack Released!

Myth II 1.8.0 is now available:

As well as Jon God's Detail Texture Megapack that covers an incredible 476 maps!

If you haven't already seen it, check out the 1.8.0 Promo Video to see some highlights of 1.8.

Myth II version 1.8 is the latest installment in Project Magma's series of updates to Myth II, bringing many performance improvements, numerous bug fixes and various new features to the game.

Below are some of the highlights of the 1.8 update:

  • New game type: "King of the Map". This mode uses territories flags and weighted king of the hill scoring based on number of flags held.

  • New "Rehost" and "Restart" buttons in the multiplayer quit/pause dialog for the host, so that it's no longer necessary to drop or suicide to restart the game.

  • New hosting option to display narrations and cutscenes during cooperative multiplayer.

  • Extended zoom: up to 5x in replays and when observing (requires DX11/OpenGL).

  • New "Motion Interpolation" option to make the game even smoother.

  • Improved New Game and Multiplayer New Game dialogs, with enhanced and streamlined plugin management.

  • Numerous performance optimizations to improve game launch speed, save game load time, and CPU use while playing.

... And many, many more. A detailed list of changes is available here.

29 May 2013 by Pyro

Myth II 1.8.0 Public Beta 2

The second public beta is here, correcting most of the issues reported from the first beta. Grab it at the Tain.

Please report any bugs you find on the Public Beta 2 bug reporting thread. This will be the final beta of 1.8, so it's especially important that everyone report any issues they want fixed.

08 May 2013 by Melekor

Myth II 1.8.0 Public Beta Released!

Project Magma is proud to announce that the official public beta of Myth II version 1.8.0 is now available. Spanning three years of work and including several hundred changes and fixes, 1.8.0 is our biggest update yet!

Download here:

Watch the 1.8.0 Promo Video!

Everyone is encouraged to install the beta, and help test the next version of Myth II. We need your help to find any bugs, so that we can fix them before the final version.

A summary of the changes from version 1.7.2 can be viewed here:

Please post all bug reports regarding Myth II 1.8.0 in this thread.

06 Apr 2013 by Melekor

Heroes Who Dare Released

Heroes Who Dare has been tempered in blood & fire and is now awaiting your playing pleasures.

You will face multitudes of incoming platoons, devious scouts, cannon barrages, and the 4 Shades; Cormorant, Phelot, Scaripant, and Turquine, each defending against any assault on the World Knot they currently control.

All you have to do is find a way to navigate past all these enemy forces, locate their World Knot, then signal its location for an airstrike to disable it.

11 Mar 2013 by Pyro

Laws of Evil Teaser

Update (Feb 11): Teaser #8 only has one new unit. That makes 13 new units shown!

Laws of Evil is a 5 level total conversion plugin for Myth II: Soulblighter. In preparation for its nearing completion, Khellek has kindly acquiesced, after much arm twisting, to allow showing these teasers.

We will be showcasing 2 random units with a small flavor of their demeanors once a week, over the next 8 to 10 weeks, starting tonight. Even though only a single animation of each unit will be revealed, these are completely new, completely animated, completely Fear'ed, completely completed units that are currently scripted in LoE.

Check out more details or give some feedback in this thread.

15 Oct 2012 by Pyro

Valley of Despair Released

At long last, Project Magma is proud to announce the release of the Valley of Despair SoLo-CooPerative map by GHOST®.

Valley of Despair is a total update of The Journey Continues, the very first map GHOST® created and released back in August of 2000. It has since, on and off over the past 5 years, been completely redone, with single minded determination to make VoD everything and more than was originally accomplished in TJC.

So, without further ado . . .

What is included in this plugin:

Valley of Despair
Desperate Measures
The Gauntlet
A Bridge Too Far
and . .
Stair of Grief (hi-res)

And, just in case that doesn't excite you enough to go dig out your dusty Myth CD , then consider the following bonus . . .

To compliment this momentous release, GHOST® and Pyro have put together the Valley of Despair - Interface plugin for those of us who like to change the look of Myth every now and again.

10 Sep 2012 by Pyro

Missing Archived News Restored

The archived news articles have been reorganized. A total of 43 missing articles from 2003 - 2005 and 2007 have also been restored. They contain their original links which might no longer work. Enjoy taking a stroll into the past.

29 Feb 2012 by Pyro

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